Who we are

The Pavement World is an online shoe boutique that proudly started out in Beirut, Lebanon with a vision to provide quality stylish footwear complimented by utmost comfort. Our aim is to constantly introduce trendy footwear, trendy designs and value for quality shoes with fine craftsmanship.

Our genuine leather items are sustainably sourced only through animals that are already in the food chain, namely calf, cow and sheep hide. We refuse to work with leathers belonging to endangered species or animals that are not already a part of the human food chain. 

This venture is a byproduct of one woman's decision to not want to wait for luxury brands to throw sales in order to purchase quality footwear. And this person is you! The founder, Riwa Beydoun, decided that she would provide those around her with accessibly priced quality footwear without the gimmicks of branding and marketing.

Since its inception, The Pavement World - or TPW - started out as an online shop that sells accessibly priced brands. But Beydoun grew to notice that her customized in-house designs were gaining more traction than other well known brands that TPW was housing. So the concept grew to develop its own house brands, which are designed and produced with craft, trend and comfort in mind. Namely, La 6ème, Blanc de Chadè, Nefeli and Atya, each with its own concept, price range and niche.

La 6ème, named after the 6th position (a parallel stance) in ballet, is all about handcrafted Florentine shoe-spirations mingled with the oxford and brogue trends of Londoners. Only this time, the brogue is colorful, edgy and made for the career woman in you. 

Blanc de Chadè, named after a fictional Marquise de Chadè loved by her people, is all about runway finds and heels at accessible prices. Nefeli is a typical people's brand, with accessibly priced Greek leather sandals and day-to-day winter boots. Atya is our upper line of genuine leather vamp, insole and outsole slippers and sandals, intricately handcrafted and designed with care and precision.  

"This is a little boutique with lots of love at its core. TPW is in effect, a step into un-intimidating luxury. It's also very rare that you'll wear a TPW piece for just one season. I like timelessness in my pieces. I love when a client sends me a shoefie of a TPW pair of shoes that she's had for 4 or 5 seasons. It feeds the soul to know that these soles - pun intended - are creating memories. That they're not just seasonal. It's that kind of energy that I love to give to my clients," says Beydoun.