La 6ème

Not just sole shoes. Soul shoes.

The name La 6ème comes from the 6ème position in ballet; the simplest and most forgotten position - two feet standing parallel side by side. La 6ème is a brand whose core identity is a parallel between trend and comfort, all the while moving your day-to-day smoothly forward and keeping things simple. A career woman's androgynous go-to piece, mingled with a femininity that is hard to revoke. 

La 6ème pieces are handmade by Italian artisans that craft every piece that we design to perfection. All the while, trendy on-the-go women and students alike, have an affinity towards footwear that doesn’t just contain soul but quite literally contains a plenty-cushioned insole to keep you comfortable through the day and into your evenings.

So stand as you may in any position of life. But let it always be in La 6ème.