Try at Home Service within Lebanon

Got a moment?
Get to know our friendly Cash on Delivery and "Try at Home" service within Lebanon!

Are you lost as to which size or style you want?!
You can select several styles! You can also choose the same shoe in 2 sizes!

When the delivery reaches you, close your door and try the shoes!
If you like the shoes on you, they are yours!

The driver can be paid directly by you in cash!

If you don't like the item(s) for any reason kindly return them on the spot to the driver.

Payments within Lebanon can be made as per the following options: 

- Card or Check in U.S. Dollar upon Delivery 

- Website payment online in USD

- Cash USD  currency upon delivery

We apologize that payments in LBP are not accepted within Lebanon unless they are equivalent to the daily USD to LBP conversion rate. For further details about payments within Lebanon you can contact +961-76-767262 via our friendly WhatsApp Chat or click on the Chat Button on our Home Page to be redirected. 

Deliveries within Lebanon are armed by Wakilni's safe and reliable delivery service. Delivery charge is LBP 7,500 all over Lebanon.