FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if the item that I ordered doesn't fit or I don't like it? 

  • You can simply contact +961-76-767262 or press on the chat button and we can coordinate an easy exchange. Simply provide a photo of the outsole or heel of the shoes proving that they have not worn or damaged the item and you have up to three weeks for exchange from the date of purchase. 

Can I try the item first? 

  • For worldwide clients, trial is not possible but to make sure of your shoe size kindly refer to the following link that provides optimal shoe size reference. Our sizes are standard European Fit. Kindly click here for your size. https://thepavementworld.com/pages/size-chart

Do I get store credit or refund? 

  • Store credit is available however refunds aren't. Exchanges are also possible provided the item isn't damaged and you contact us 3 weeks maximum after purchase. Shipping cost is also the responsibility of the client and not the vendor. 
Can I talk to someone that can help? 
  • Yes of course! Kindly click on the Chat button on our Homepage.
Where are your items made? 
  • Our shoes are produced in Italy, Lebanon, Spain, Greece and Cyprus. 
Are your items genuine leather? 
  • Most of our items are 100% genuine leather but we do have specific items made with animal-friendly leather. Kindly refer to the product description for details, or type "animal friendly" into our website search engine to find what you're looking for. 
Can I find your designs elsewhere? 
  • Our designs are exclusive to The Pavement. We design all of our items and do our best to provide you with a staple piece that isn't found elsewhere.
Do you have representation or a shop abroad? 
  • We are starting to develop representation abroad. In Jordan you can contact @comfywalk.jo on instagram and for the Arab countries and GCC you can click on the Chat button to request that you represent us or to get further details on boutiques that house our products.