Blanc de Chadè

Blanc de Chadè, named after the fictional Marquise de Chadè, is a woman of valor, kindness and worldliness. Her title disposed her to rank just above the wife of an earl and just below that of a duchess. And although she lived within the social structure of her time, she also refused to fall victim to it. 

Every Sunday, she's obscure herself and go to the village bazaar where she would purchase great finds and mix them into her opulent wardrobe. When princesses and duchesses alike would ask her for her sources, she would happily share, knowing full well, that her real secret ran way deeper than that. Mixing street with court.

Blanc de Chadè, as they endearingly called her, embraced a life of mixing affordable with extravagant luxury. Her village and town visits were met with scores of people who raced to get a glimpse of her beauty. Her aura exuded un-intimidating luxury with a melange of warmth that made her all the more approachable.

*a marquis(e) is a guardian of the land at the border of a specific country.